Touched By Him

Aria and Aiden’s story continues …

How do you protect the one you love from the one who loves you?

Touched By Him adds yet another gripping chapter to Aria and Aiden’s tumultuous love story.

Aria Cason’s new life in Belize comes to an abrupt halt when a betrayal forces her to abandon her carefully laid plans. To protect a love she thought she’d never have, Aria makes an impossible decision that places her at the mercy of the man she loves, but desperately wants to hate.

Aiden Raine is determined to bury his love for Aria, but when an unexpected truth is revealed, his world once again collides with hers. As a means to an end, Aiden reluctantly enters a tenuous relationship with the one woman whose betrayal he may never forgive.

Bound by a love they never predicted – Aria and Aiden struggle to coexist in a world that seems too small. They are pulled apart by their need for control yet tormented by a passion they cannot escape.

Betrayal, animosity, love, lust and lies all collide in the third book of The Untouched Series.

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